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Andrew Serr Thoughts of Mind

Andrew Serr is a Musician, Producer, Engineer, Artsist, and Teacher. 


In 2013, Andrew was inspired to create a one-man-band project named Thoughts of Mind. His debut album The Dichotomy Paradox would be completed the following year, along with the creation of a YouTube channel. With the album complete and four different video series in the making, Thoughts of Mind was officially made public in early 2015.   


Andrew was born in Medford, OR on May 5th, 1987. He grew up in Sandy City, UT and eventually moved to Parker, CO at age 13. Growing up in a musical home played a part in inspiring him to develop an interest in music. His father sings and plays guitar while his mother sings and plays piano. Both parents recognized Andrew’s passion from an early age and became his biggest supporters. As a child, Andrew started learning bass guitar. In his teens he began learning guitar and drums. His parents carefully chose private instructors to help with Andrew’s development.


From a young age, Andrew was fascinated with recording. He discovered that when he played a recording of himself from a video camera through the T.V. he could then play along while recording himself on a cassette player. After his dicovery of overdubbing, Andrew quickly began his quest to learn more about the world of audio, beginning with stand-alone digital recorders.


Although music was a large part of his life growing up, Andrew was also very involved with skateboarding and snowboarding, which led to several endorsements. Ultimately, he made the decision to focus entirely on music and turn it into a career.


After graduating from high school, Andrew attended college at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. where he received a degree in performance guitar. While in LA, Andrew invested in his first computer recording (DAW) setup and began experimenting and recording local talent.


Andrew later returned to the Denver area and began his own audio production company SerrStudio. Since 2011, Andrew has provided professional recording, live sound, performances, and teaching services to Denver and the surrounding areas.


Thoughts of Mind is a project that continues to develop and has been one of the greatest outlets of musical and technical creativity Andrew has been involved in to date. It continues to inspire him to be creative and to explore the ever-deepening world of music.


It is my goal to help educate and inspire musicians to create the music they dream about making.” Andrew Serr


Thoughts of Mind is original music and video content intended to educate and inspire creative people.

Andrew Serr Thoughts of Mind

Q & A

Q: What is the biggest tip you can give someone trying to get involed in this type of music production?

A: "The most important thing is to not get caught up in all the color. Your song is black and white. Your Tone, Effects, Gear, and everything else is the color. I will never forget one of my teachers at M.I. saying you can create a masterpeice with just black and white. Dont get caught up into the belief that buying more gear will automatically make your stuff sound better. Focus on the music and get as good as you can with a simple DAW setup. Always outgrow the gear you have first, then make an educated decision about how your next piece of equipment will be usefull. An educated decision results in a predictable outcome."


Q: How long have you had the idea to make your own one-man-band project?

A: "Since around age 15. I'm lucky to be part of the first generation who grew up with digital recording technology at an affordable price. Realizing what was possible early on inspired me to make songs by myself."


Q: Do you see yourself in a band some day? What instrument would you play?

A: "Absolutely. Collaborating and performing with other musicians is the most rewarding experience I can think of. I do perform live on occasion, such as playing classical guitar at a wedding or being hired to play in a band for a special event. When the time is right, I do intend to form or join a reaI band at which point I would just play guitar." 


Q: Will Thoughts of Mind ever be brought to the stage?

A: "I hope so. The first step would be to do something in an educational setting such as a clinic."


Q: Which of your instruments do you struggle the most with?

A: "I see so much room to grow with everything I play, but I struggle the most with vocals. The Dichotomy Paradox was the first project I have ever recorded vocals for. I've spent years recording instruments in the studio, but now that I am doing vocals for myself I have a lot of catching up to do. Thankfully I learned and grew alot from this first album." 


Q: What are some goals you are striving to acheive for future albums?

A: "I really want to increase the power and range of my voice. I want to take piano lessons and play more legitimate piano parts. I would love to work with a real orchestra and real string players. I am also looking forward to making a concept album."